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1. What were the names of the two brothers who taught and coached at DTHS in the 1960s?.    (Answer)

2. Who was the first principal at DTHS?   (Answer)

3. What year did Deptford High have its first graduation? (For you "younger" alumni!)?   (Answer)

4. What sports team was the first to complete an undefeated season?  (Answer)

5. The Deptford "Fight" Song is actually a version of the original  and official "fight" song of what college/university? (Answer)

6. A prank real estate sign was erected in front of the high school office in the early 1960s. What "agency" was listed as the selling agency on the sign?   (Answer)

7. Who is the principal at DTHS today?  (Answer)

8. Who launched her show business career and road to stardom as the yearbook mascot "Dori-Ann?" (Answer)

9. How much did the lunches (entree, milk, bread & butter and dessert) from the cafeteria cost in 1964-66? (Answer)

10. What are the complete lyrics (two verses!) to the DTHS alma mater? (Answer)  (Scroll down for your grade)







1-2 Correct   Are you sure you didn't go to West Deptford High?

3-4 Correct   You dropped out when you turned 16, right?

5-6 Correct    Your knowledge proves you spent four years at Deptford--all in 9th grade!

7+ Correct     You have too much time on your hands, or,  you're living in the past! 

Relax, the test is all in fun! 0-10 correct all earn "Super Spartan" Awards for effort!

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1.   Gene and James Hawkins--Gene primarily coached football and baseball, Jim coached cross-county and track.


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2. Mr. George Wildman

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3. 1961. The Class of 2010 was the 50th class to graduate at  DTHS!

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4. The 1966 DTHS Boys' Track Team went 10-0 and won Olympic Conference, Gloucester County and  SJ Group III Championships!  Some of the track team members were on the 1965 Football team that tied for the Olympic Conference honors, the first football championship team. Next trivia contest--DTHS' first championship team in any sport?

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5. San Jose State University  The song, "Spartan Fight Song," may have been suggested by former DTHS guidance department head Roy Wager,  a SJSU alumnus. 

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6. Skunk Agency


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7.Mr. Melvin Allen 

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8. Who else but punk rocker/poetess Patti Smith, Class of '64


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9. 35 cents! (only 30 cents if you bought 5 lunch tickets in advance!)

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10.   Hail, Spartans, hail! Hail Black and Gold,

        We pledge our hearts and hands to keep thy colors ever bold.

         Forward we go! We will not fail!

         Sing to our Alma Mater, Hail!  Hail!  Hail!


         Praises we sing, for Black and Gold

         In thee, our Alma Mater, is wisdom, truth, and light!

         And when at last we reach that goal,

         All glory will be due to our Black and Gold.


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