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DTHS Alumni — 

The DTHS Spartan NJROTC unit, as part of its service to the school and the community, is working to create a physical representation of the Virtual Military Wall of Honor in the front lobby of the school.  The servicemember’s picture, along with their graduating class and service, will be displayed.  Those who died in the service to their country will be recognized in a separate fashion.  To accomplish this, we are seeking updated information for any DTHS graduate that served in the military, (either active, reserve or guard), after graduating DTHS.

By clicking the link above, you can see what we have on file.  Would appreciate a point of contact to help assisting in spreading the word, checking information, and making this vision a reality.

There are several pictures we do not have a name nd/or date to associate with----info can be sent regarding those pictures if you contact me.

I  look forward to hearing from you.


CDR Rob Ballister, USN (ret)

Deptford High School Senior Naval Science Instructor

856 232 2713 ext. 2650













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     The next meeting of the DTHS Alumni Association Executive Board is  scheduled for Thursday, September 17, 2014 at The Deptford High School, Room A111.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m.  All interested alumni are invited (urged!) to attend meetings and become active in the Association. Several special events are planned for the upcoming year, and committee members for various projects are needed. If you live in the South Jersey area and want to help the Association grow, you'll be welcomed at the meeting! Meetings are held every THIRD THURSDAY of every month and begin at 7:30 p.m. in Roon A111 of Deptford High School. Have questions, need more info? E-mail us at to be put on the meeting e-mail list!

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     Although a great number of DTHS Alumni still live in the South Jersey area,  many of the Alumni Web Page readers are alumni living all over the U.S. (and outside the U.S.!).  From time time the Alumni Association has gotten requests for info from alumni, i.e., "what was the football score on Saturday?" or "I heard one of the schools was damaged by a fire, any info?"  Don't ask us why we didn't do this earlier (although some people may already have these links), but here are the "links" to the local South Jersey newspapers that cover Deptford High and the surrounding high schools. Now you can keep up on all the latest news and scores!

         Camden Courier Post---           
         Gloucester County Times---                                                                          Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News--- 



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Homecoming 2014

   Thanks to all Alumni who stopped by the Alumni Reception tent at previous Homecoming Days. We hope you join us at Homecoming 2014!  Details will appear here in September 2014! 


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A Great Time and A Great Meal---It's A DTHS Alumni Association Breakfast Event! 

    Do the Deptford High alums below look like they're enjoying themselves? Well, it's always a fun time at the DTHS Alumni Association Breakfasts!  Become part of a good time at the Deptford High Alumni Association Fall Season Breakfast! The Breakfast will be held ON A  DATE TO SOON BE ANNOUNCED beginning at 9:00 a.m. (You can arrive later--we're usually there until 11:30 a.m. or so!)   Once again we'll enjoy breakfast with a reserved seating area for Deptford alumni, some great door prizes , and plenty of nostalgia. And, you might just see someone you haven't seen since your days at DTHS! 

     A new location will be selected for the Fall Alumni Breakfast, so check back for info before September---then plan to join us for a great morning!

    Drop us a line at if you need information on attending so we can make the proper preparations! Also, contact us if you'd like more info on the Alumni Breakfasts or becoming a member or the DTHS Alumni Association. We hope to see you for Breakfast! 

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1963--  Dave Rowe '63                                                                                                       


1965-- Grace (Blyler) Miller '65     Terry Harwood '65      Ed Wells '65

1966-- Bryant Heisinger '66   Tommy Louis '66    Ray Milligan '66   Chuck Oliver '66


1968-- Susan (Parker) Rosen



1971--Carl McCloud

1972-- Ken Stronski

1973--Lynda (Kuhn) Ferry

1974-- Paula S. Marxp




1978--Maureen (Mc Michael) Coppola





1983--David B. Bacon   Jeffrey Brown   Linda M. Brown   Lisa (Solen) Gier

1984-- Bill Danzi '84


















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David B. Bacon '83      Grace (Blyler) Miller '65    Jeffrey Brown '83   Bill Danzi '84   Terry Harwood '65  Bryant Heisinger '66    Lynda (Kuhn) Ferry '73  Tommy Louis '66        Carl McCloud '71   Maureen (Mc Michael) Coppola '78  Ray Milligan '66   Chuck Oliver '66   Susan (Parker) Rosen '68   Dave Rowe '63    Ed Wells '65













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      Your Class Reunion Plans Not Listed Here? If You Are Planning A Reunion and Want It Publicized Here, please e-mail your info to us!

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The Class of 1961 as well as the Class of 1962 held a successful Joint Class Reunion on the weekend of November 4 through 6, 2011.  
  If you want  information about future events, please contact dan Furlong by email  
                                             - Dan Furlong, DTHS '61

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THE CLASS OF 1962--a


The Class of 1962 as well as the Class of 1961 held a successful Joint Class Reunion on the weekend of November 4 through 6, 2011.  
  If you want information on future events, please contact Dan Furlong  by email  or Doris Berman Pollock

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DTHS Class of 1963  celebrated their fabulous 50th Class Reunion on Friday, October 11, 2013 at the Grand Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey.  Anyone interested in attending future events contact Linda DelMonico Kavanagh, 218 Hillary Lane, Sewell, NJ 08080 or e-mail to    for specifics.

Thanks for your help!

 Joanne Devine Raggio>

Class of 1963 Planning Committee Member

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THE CLASS OF 1964---

The DTHS Class of ’64 50th Reunion will be held on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Auletto Caterers, 1849 Cooper Street in the Almonesson section of Deptford (the former Sunset Beach ballroom).  Rooms are available at The Fairfield Inn by Marriott and the Residence Inn by Marriott (both adjacent to each other) on Rt. 41 (Hurffville Road) about ten minutes away from Auletto’s. Contact Dave Cairns at: for further information.


Dave Cairns
DTHS '64

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The Class of 1965--  The Class of '65 celebrated their 40th reunion October 21-23, 2005 in Cape May, New Jersey, and already everyone is looking to #45!

   Stay in touch for future reunion info by contacting Grace Blyler Miller,
    at, or Bonnie Berger DiFelice  at



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The class of 1966-- Class members celebrated a 40-year get-together in Cape May Nov 3-5, 2006 at the Atlas Inn. Photos ARE NOW posted at the Class of '66 website  Check it out!!!

    Don't pass up the chance to get the full details on future events! Details are always found at the DTHS Class of '66 website .

      If you are a Class of '66 member, please e-mail us at to give us your updated contact info. We definitely want you to attend our future events (hey, the 50-Year Reunion is in 2016!!), so help us keep in touch. And, of course, please contact us with any questions! It's always great to hear from a Class of '66 member! Up-to-date Reunion info is always available by contacting Bryant Heisinger at


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THE CLASS OF 1967---Celebrated its 45-year Reunion of the Class of '67---Friday, October 26, 2012.  Contact Marie Hendrix (856-468-4351) or Mary Ronan Lamana (  )  for updates on future reunion details .  

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THE CLASS OF 1968---

The Class of '68 celebrated its 40-Year Reunion on Sunday, October 26,2008 at Pitman Golf Course.We will announce details of future Class of '68 events when received.


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the class of 1970---The Deptford Township High School Class of 1970 celebrated their 40th Anniversary Class Reunion on Friday, November 26, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Select in Bridgeport/Swedesboro, NJ. For future reunion information please contact Cheryl (Rathbone) Peiffer by email at


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THE CLASS OF 1972--- The Class of '72 35-year reunion was held September 29,  2007 at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport/Swedesboro, NJ. A great night was enjoyed! Want details for future reuions? Contact  Gayle (Michaels) Mergenthal (  ) or Karen (Morse, Rozzelle) Winters ( )  for updates. 

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The Class of 1973--- The Class of 1973 celebrated its 35-Year Class reunion Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Holiday Inn (109 Ninth Street) in Runnemede, NJ.  Join your classmates for future reunions by contacting the Class of '73 reunion organizers: Lynn Adams   Ruthy Preine    or Peggy Mendoza     

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THE CLASS OF 1974---

Forget waiting five years for a reunion!!! Just two years after a successful 35-year get-together, the Class of '74 is partying again.  For details of upcoming classof '74 events, check out

The Reunion Committee
Sherrie Dornberger, 326 Ewan Road, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 at
Denise M.(Griggs) Wallace at
Ginny Foy at
Lynn Hooper at
Linda (Connors) Smith at
Roseann (Pirollo) Flannagan at

                        Our Facebook page is “DTHS Class of 74”


Thanks Again,

Roseann Pirollo Flanagan 

DTHS Class of 1974


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The Class of 1975----The Class of '75 celebrated a reunion on April 6, 2002 at Botto's Italian Line in Swedesboro. 

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THE CLASS OF 1976---  The Class of '76 30-year reunion was held Saturday, November 25, 2006---Thanksgiving Weekend!  "The Long and Winding Road" was the theme.

   Please continue to send your updated addresses (home and e-mail) to   Also, please pass this info along to anyone you know in the Class of '76. Thank you!  




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THE CLASS OF 1977--- The Class of 1977 l held its 30-Year Reunion November 24, 2007 at Auletto's Caterers in Deptford (Almonesson). 

   For future reunion info, e-mail Judy (Rapp) Bobo at    












The class of 1978--- Class of "78" Class 35 year Reunion was held  Saturday, May 18, 2013
Contact the committee below for updates on future reunions.
Doreen Barry Niemczura (856-981-8848)
251 Walnut Street, West Deptford, NJ, 08096
Brenda Myers Prus (856-236-1118)
356 Paulsboro Road, Woolwich Twp, NJ 08085

Maureen Baldwin (856-417-4060)
Gail Santa Barbara Spurlock (856-537-7690)

Contact us if you would like to donate a basket or gift for the Chinese Auction.

Email class photo's to for reunion video to:Jean Ewing @

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THE CLASS OF 1979---30 Year Reunion was held November 27, 2009! 

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THE CLASS OF 1980--- The Class of 1980 celebrated a 30-Year Reunion on November 26, 2010.  We'll have plans on #35 in 2015 as soon as they are announced!





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THE CLASS OF 1982--- To be included on the reunion contact list and receive all the details about the next big event, contact Carol Lewitt Axelrod at  


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THE CLASS OF 1983---- Anyone interested in serving on the Class of '83  Reunion committee please contact Linda M. Brown, Class VP.


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THE CLASS OF 1984---The 30th class reunion for the Class of 1984 is scheduled for November 28, 2014 at Gambi Caterers.  Information below:

30th Year Reunion for DTHS Class of 1984

Being held on Friday, Nov. 28th, 2014

From 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

At the Oak Valley Fire House, Gambi Caterers

595 Princeton Blvd, Deptford, NJ

Contact information:  Wendy Epting -


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The Class of 1985--- The Class of '85 25-Year Reunion was held Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Adelphia's in Deptford, 8 p.m. to midnight. If you desire future reunion information you can contact Debbi Green (  )     

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THE CLASS OF 1986--- Your classmates would like to see you at the next reunion! If you know the whereabouts of some of your 1986 classmates, or,  to get more info on upcoming events, contact Michele (Moylan) Thomas at  Contact Michele today and help make the next Class of '86 reunion a bigger success!!

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THE CLASS OF 1987--- .Last partied on Novemeber 23, 2012 @ Gambi Caterers, from 8 - 12.

For all reunion info, please contact Tracey Kaisinger (Shannon) at  or Chris Stewart (Croneberger) at 


The Reunion Committee

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THE CLASS OF 1988---  The DTHS Class of '88 is looking for classmates.  Please contact Sandy (Felch) Casella at 856-686-2240 (ext. 120) or Chris Greene (856-232-2713 (Ext 6154) with your contact information (including e-mail address--ALL reunion correspondence will be by e-mail only!).  You can also contact the organizing committee and submit your contact information at 

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THE CLASS OF 1989---The Class of 1989 held their 20-year reunion on May 30, 2009 at Gambi Caterers. Contact Chris Collins-Mitchell at  for future reunion details. 


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CLASS OF 1990--- Ken Morgan is looking for suggestions for future reunions from classmates. Contact Ken at ASAP. 

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The class of 1991---DTHS Class of 1991. Please contact Kathleen (Miller) Billmann at or 856-468-8607 for future reunion information.  

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THE CLASS OF 1993--   Class of 93' held a 20-Year reunion on June 29, 2013 at Riverwinds. For future reunion information  contact or on Facebook page

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The Deptford High School Class of 1999 10-Year High School Reunion was held on Saturday September 19, 2009. 

Please contact  if you are interested in attending future events.



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THE CLASS OF 2005-- Upcoming reunion andother class events information can be found by contacting Danton Spina.

You can email Danton Spina at or you can call or text at (315).350.0958.

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Grace (Blyler) Miller Class of '65

After high school went to nursing school and married Bob Ponto. We had two sons and divorced after 5 years. In a few years I married again and had another son. That marriage ended after 15 years. (During that period of time I lived in Florida for four years but then returned to Pennsylvania where I have spent the majority of my life.) I then went into the real estate field and also worked in drug and alcohol recovery as an administrative assistant. In the early 90’s I met David (who was also divorced and had no children) and we’ve been together ever since. Yes, I'm on my third husband, but he's the greatest. This next reunion will be the first I come to with the same guy twice in a row! (Who would have thought that Miss Versatile would have pertained to her husbands!) I have worked for the past 5 years with the disabled in the fundraising department and have now left there and am working more real estate, volunteering, and babysitting our newest grandchild. It took me a while to get it right but I have 3 great sons, daughter in laws are terrific and 3 grandchildren. So life has been exceptional for me and I've enjoyed the renewed friendships this "internet thing" has brought to us all.

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Bryant Heisinger '66

    Attended Ursinus College and ran track, majoring in Health and Physical Education (at the time when Bill Cosby had his famous album "Why Is There Air?" featuring the line "Phys Ed?---You're Dumb!"). In 1968 I was smart enough to convince former Deptford classmate Kathleen McCarey (better known as Kathy Kelly in high school--it's a long story) to get engaged (to me!). Although we had never dated in high school, we ran into each other at Homecoming 1966, started writing letters (thank goodness e-mail wasn't invented back then--is there anything romantic about e-mail??), first dated on May 20, 1967, and were married September 6, 1969. Our three daughters are practicing attorneys, and suffice it to say they inherited my brawn and everything else (brains, beauty, ambition, etc.) from their mother and grandparents! (I could go on forever, but this is not about them!).  In October of 2011, after 42 years of marriage, we became grandparents (grandaughter Sydney Piper Moritz)!     

    I've worked full-time as a newspaper (sports) reporter, adult criminal probation officer, high school teacher and coach, college sports information director, college athletic director and coach, real estate salesperson and sales trainer, community education director, and, after 21  years as a P.E. teacher in an elementary school (lots of fun, decent pay, and done working early every day!) I retired from teaching in July, 2010. Several years ago, after several requests by couples wanting to get married in our home, I took steps to become a certified marriage officiant and now perform wedding ceremonies! Take a look at the home and our wedding officiant site at   Unexpected opportunities are always on the horizon, so who knows what the future holds? (I've done all kinds of things part-time or as hobbies, and might start another post-retirement avocation/vocation in one of those fields.)

    Kathleen is a nurse by education/training, and for many years worked  as a psychiatric hospital utilization review coordinator. She can tell you what the heck that is if she wants to in her own profile--but, don't hold your breath for her profile. In any event, she retired on October 1, 2005, so she's planning some new ventures. We lived in Woodbury for 23 years, but moved to a rambling Victorian home in Penns Grove in 2002.  A few stays at Bed and Breakfast Inns got us interested in Victorian Homes, so.......  

      Kathleen and I were selected as Trustees for the Deptford Township Foundation For Educational Excellence a few years ago. Although no longer Foundation Board members (we've moved out of the Deptford area and passed the torch), as part of that commitment I've been coordinating the operation of the Deptford Township High School Alumni Association for the past 14 years. It's been interesting and worthwhile, so please become a member of (see the application in these web pages) the Alumni Association and join in the future activities!  In mid-2012 (as chronicled on this website's main page) the DTHS Alumni Association reorganized and is currently guided by an energetic and enthusiastic Board of Directors and officers. Help support the worthy goals of the Deptford High Alumni Association--full details on the main page!  

   Kathleen and I keep enjoying some pretty good times at this stage of the game, but we also enjoy remembering the good times we had with friends back in our high school days. We'd be glad to hear from you at (Bryant)   or (Kathleen)   

bkphoto.JPG (1337314 bytes)

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Ray Milligan '66

After graduation I joined the US Marines. Entered the Special Forces (Force Recon) and did a tour of duty in Viet Nam with "B" Co. 3rd Recon Bn. at Khe Sanh from 8/67 to 8/68.
Joined Deptford Township Police in 6/69. Made it through the ranks and retired as Chief of Police on October 27,  1995. I attended the FBI National Academy and also received a Certified Public Manager Degree while on the force along with several other schools.
 I  taught a Law Enforcement course of study for JR.'s and SR.'s that I wrote for the Gloucester County Institute of Technology. Started that in September of '95.
I also taught part time at Cumberland County College, Rowan University, and Rosemont College of Pa, but now enjoy retirement and my family full-time!.
Received my A.A.S. from Gloucester County College, B.A. from Glassboro State, M.S. from West Chester University, and  studied at Seton Hall University for an Educational Specialist Degree.
I have been married a few times, but this time its right. I have a son Brian who graduated from Deptford in '91. I also have two daughters at home. Erin and Dana. Yes you still can have children after 40! My wife Debbie is from Deptford but went to St. Joseph HS.  She is an elementary school teacher.
My hobbies have been SCUBA diving, golf, and what ever else I can get into. Presently I am doing Civil War reenacting. I joined the 72 Pennsylvania Volunteers. Its the same unit that my Great Great Grandfather fought with. 
Hope to hear from any classmates. Contact me at 

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Dave Rowe '63

     After leaving DTHS I went to Penn State on a football scholarship. Faith (Westfield, class of '66) and I married at the end of my junior year and took up married life at Penn State. Upon graduation I was drafted into the NFL and proceeded to play 13 years. We started in New Orleans with the Saints then went to New England with the Patriots then off to California where I played my most enjoyable times with the Oakland Raiders. I have been blessed with many wonderful moments during my career in football. Things like winning the Super Bowl, a White House luncheon with the President and I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively throughout the US and the world.
     Blessed is a great description to use about my life! Faith & I were blessed with 3 children. They have all graduated from college, are married and on their own. Our oldest daughter Dawn resides in Seoul, Korea. Daughter number 2 Kara lives in Asheboro, NC and Number 1 and only son lives in Memphis, Tennessee. All three seem happy in their life endeavors and that makes every parent happy.
   Faith & I have two grandchildren, Peyton and Riley and life has been good to us. We live in Asheboro, NC where we have resided for almost 27 years now. As we enter the "retirement" years of our life we have a thousand plans much like our friends. We have plans to build a retirement home at Ocean Isle, NC. For all us Yankees, that's down at the beach, not the shore as we all have said for years and years.  
     Where ever I go people always ask, "what motivated you to do what you have done?"  I can answer that very quickly and always take the time to do so. My days at DTHS were days where I really needed direction. Many teachers and others have had influence on my life, but two stand out far ahead of the rest. I tell people two coaches changed my life! Roy Pickens and Jim Hawkins literally made me what I am today. Often times we measure the success of a coach by their record. While each enjoyed success on the field both stood for more. There will be coaches with better records but in my eyes they were what "coaching" is all about! But for the grace of God and them, I have no idea where I would be today. No one in my family had ever gone to college, so I had no idea what college was about. They instilled in me that I could be anything I wanted to be. I only went to college because they encouraged me to do so. Where do you start to thank people that so change your life? Their lives were an example to me that I wanted for my own. Their faith, family and walk is one that I still try to walk today.
     Having played football for 21 years and being involved for over 20 years in broadcasting, I have played for and met 100's of coaches, however there are still only two that carry the title of "COACH" in my life - Coach Pickens and Coach Hawkins! 
     Anyone who played for them knows the difference between just being a coach and being "A COACH."
    Thanks Coach Pickens and Coach Hawkins - you both will always be in my heart!
                       Dave Rowe


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Susan (Parker) Rosen '68

Hi, Deptford High!

Susan Rosen
formally Susan Elaine Parker
Class of '68
I sell vacation ownership in Ocean City MD
I am now single and enjoy decorating my new shore house!
This pic is with my dad, Richard Parker.
Feel free to email me at

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Tommy Louis,  '66 

During High School, I played the Sax in the DTHS Band. After high school, I drove a truck for a living. I also worked part time for the Army guard, and volunteered with the Deptford fire department. I changed my career to Fire Fighter when I accepted a position with the FAA Technical Center in Pomona, NJ. When Deptford Township hired Fire Fighters, I was among the first in line. I worked for the Deptford Township Fire Department until I retired in 1999 with over 37 years total volunteer and paid service. The City of Vineland currently employs me as a Code Enforcement Officer.

My military career includes both the Army and Air National Guards. I joined the Army guard as a communications technician. I later transferred to the Air National Guard as a fire fighter. Eventually I changed my career field to Photography, and am still serving in that capacity for the NJ Air National Guard.

Photography has been my special interest for years.  I started taking photos of fires and accidents and sending them to newspapers.  My photos have been published in numerous papers, to include the Gloucester County Times, Courier Post, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.  I took photography classes at Gloucester County Institute of Technology, and the New York Institute of Photography. In the military, my images have been published in military newspapers and magazines throughout the world. 


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Ken Stronski '72 

Ken Stronski - 40 years condensed. From self centered dumb teen in HS to self assured Devoted family man.


Hard to believe it has been over 40 years! After graduating in 1972 I spent several years trying to decide what I wanted to do. I needed direction so in early 1975 I joined the Army. I started what would become a career in Mapping and Engineering. After basic training I became an Artillery Surveyor graduating after 3 months of advanced schooling at Ft Sill Oklahoma.

I was assigned to Ft Carson "Colorado Springs" Colorado from 1976 through Dec 1978. I love Colorado.

My greatest adventure began during that time as I married the girl I fell in love with. She was and still is the love of my life. Yes, It is the girl in my THEN photo. We stated our Family at the foot of Pikes Peak. These Mountains really are Purple Mountains Majesty. Our first Son was born in Aug of 1978 in Colorado Springs.

I ended my tour of service in Dec. 1978 settling back here in NJ and eventually transferred my Army experience to Civilian life. Enter Cable Television mapping and design.

My second Son was born on March 5th 1981 here in Woodbury and my Family was almost complete.

My career took us to Dallas, Tx in 1984 for a short time and again we moved back to NJ in 1985 where my Daughter was born in April. Family Complete.

I Bought my first home in June 1985 and moved to my second and present home here in Mantua Twp. In 1993

All of my kids have graduated College. One Son served in Iraq with great honor and distinction as a 1st Lt at a forward operating base. He earned the Bronze Star.

My other Son married a wonderful girl and has built a fine career in data analysis. They started a family and have given us 1 of our 4 Grandkids.

My Daughter married a great guy and her passion is Children and Early Childhood Education. They have given us 3 Grandkids. Two of those "twins" were born on my birthday on Feb 3 last year.

So much joy and so many blessings from God to be thankful for in my life.

That said I confess that my Wife and I have seen our share of struggles and have faced some of the greatest challenges that can be imagined. Through it all we have overcome and survived these life changing events with Love, fierce loyalty to each other and determined grit.

Currently, I am a Regional manager for Comcast Engineering Group "mapping and design" covering the State of New Jersey and the Metro Philadelphia and Wilmington area. I feel fortunate to work with a group of Engineering and construction coworkers that are second to none.

I hope for a simple peaceful retirement in the future with my Wife in what we consider our Florida Gulf Coast Paradise and for now will enjoy life's down to earth simple pleasures close to home and heart.

I would welcome hearing from those I have known all those years ago. I feel honored to have known you. As said best in a Beatles song, "In my life I love them all".


God Bless,







David B. Bacon '83

Upon graduation from DTHS in 1983, attended Rutgers University graduating cum laude in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.   After graduating from Rutgers University enrolled in Rutgers University School of
Law and obtained a Juris Doctorate degree in 1990.  From 1986-1988, served as Legislative Assistant to State Assemblymen Gary W. Stuhltrager (DTHS 1973) and Jack Collins.   In 1988, served as Law Clerk to Michael R. Cole, Chief Counsel to Governor Thomas H. Kean.   From 1988-1990, served as a Law Clerk at the Haddonfield law firm of Archer & Greiner, P.C.    Upon becomming a member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bars in 1990, served from 1990-1998 as an associate attorney at Archer & Greiner with a concentration in commercial litigation.   In 1998, became Chief Counsel to Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly, Jack Collins, and the Assembly Republican Majority
members.   Resides in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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Jeffrey Brown  '83

I currently reside in Westville with my wife Kathy who is a graduate from GCHS class of 1978.After high school I enlisted in the USN and spent three years on board the USS Ranger CV-61.I received an honorable discharge and was never so gald to see Westville after spending the last 120 days of enlistment deployed in the Indian Ocean doing flight ops.I currently work for Heritages Dairies as a commercial driver.I will gladly respond to personal questions via my "e" dress which is


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Linda Brown '83



Upon graduating from DTHS, Linda attended Gloucester County College and later enlisted in the US Army in the Military Police Corps. Her accomplishments includes an honorable discharge after 12 years of military service, an AAS in Social Science & Human Services from Gloucester County College and her ordination into the ministry.
Today, Elder Brown serves as pastoral counselor and certified life coach and ministers to those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and imprisonment. She has developed several service learning programs that are still in existence in the Philadelphia School District and  is currently the director of Cross Connection Ministries.
Besides raising three beautiful children, Elder Brown has 3 grandchildren and is pursuing a degree in Addictions Counseling and plans to attend Rutgers University MSW program. You may contact her via email.


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Lisa (Solen) Gier  '83

Hi,   My name is Lisa Gier (Solen)   

After graduation I attended college and became a Registered Nurse.  I resided in Philadephia for a year and then Delaware for 6 years. I then came back to Deptford (believe it or not).  I always felt at home in Deptford.   I specialize in medical and physical rehabilitation.  I am a nurse manager/reimbursement specialist for medical and managed care.  I have two children who also go to Deptford.  One graduated in 2009 and one in 2011!  


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Carl McCloud '71

I graduated from Deptford High with the Class of 1971 and shortly thereafter
joined the Army. I've been all over the world the past 29 years (more than
half that time in Europe) but will retire next summer after 30 years of
Active Duty.  I (finally!) completed a BS degree in Health Care Management
at Southern Illinois University last year and will probably pursue that line
of work upon retirement.  I have absolutely no regrets about joining the
Army but over the years I often wondered what might have been had I not
agreed to give Michael Staples a ride to Woodbury to see his recruiter.
Before I knew it we were both in Basic Training at Fort Dix and what was
supposed to only last three years turned into a career!   Civilian life may
be the toughest challenge I have yet to face but face it I must in a few
months.  Anybody looking for an ex Squad Leader, Tank Commander, Platoon
Sergeant, Hospital Administrator, First Sergeant, or Command Sergeant Major?

Thanks for listening.  GO SPARTANS!!!

Carl W. McCloud
Command Sergeant Major
United States Army

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Bill Danzi '84

Name:  Bill Danzi
Graduation Class:   1984
Current residence:  Millington, Tennessee
Married:  Yes
Wife's name:  Hana
number of years married:  Five years as of April 4, 2001
Children:  No
Pets:  Yes, two rabbits
Current occupation:  U.S. Navy Officer
Rank: Ensign (equivalent rank in Army -2nd LT)- Public Affairs Officer.  Will
be promoted to Lieutenant junior grade (Army-1st LT) May 7, 2001. 
Other occupations:   Adjunct Professor, Business Management, Southwest Tenn.
Community College.
Place of primary employment:  Navy Personnel Command, Naval Activity Mid
South, Millington, Tenn
Highest level of education: Master's Degree in Business Administration, MBA
from City University
Hobbies:  Golf, football, chess, collecting antiques, and travel

 You can e-mail me at

Bill Danzi

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Ed Wells '65

How to capsulate 37 years of a persons life in the space of a few
paragraphs. Isn't it amazing how time flies yet stays frozen. 1965 seems
like only yesterday, yet 37 years later I'm sitting at a "computer", getting
ready to explain what I've done since I walked off the campus of DTHS as a

I'm a better person for having lived during the era of the Great Class of
1965. We experienced the world as only we could and saw history unfold
before our eyes. We listened with anticipation as John stood before us on a
cold morning in Washington, D.C. and told each of us how great we could be
as a nation. We held our collective breaths as the world moved to the edge
on the open waters off the island of Cuba. We watched with tearful eyes as
our King and Camelot died on the streets of Dallas, Tx. and then stood in
reverent silence as the bugles sounded and the guns echoed over the hillside
at Arlington National Cemetery. We lived the history our children study now.
. .and we are better for having been a part of it.

In 1966 I entered the Air Force and after suffering through Basic and Tech
School headed to Libya, North Africa for 18 months and Wheelus AFB in
Tripoli. It was an exciting time and I still have wonderful memories of
being there and still remain in touch with friends from that time. When I
returned stateside I was stationed at Perrin AFB in Denison, Tx for two more
years at which time I got out and promptly married Maria. There were good
times and bad times and after 24 years, two great kids (Tanya, now 27 and
Justin, 22) and 1 granddaughter (Cierra Marie) we separated and eventually
divorced. I worked in the Graphic Arts field for about 30 years I guess and
finally got "very" tired of that hassle and went to work at a Sporting Goods
Store selling guns, lol. During all this and beginning back in 1986 I
enlisted in the AF Reserves and was stationed at Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth.
Actually I'm still in the AF and still at Carswell, I've  been to Italy,
Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Australia, England and more stateside
bases than I can count. I'm employed in Civil Service now which means that
during the week I work our planes (F-16's) as a civilian and on the weekends
I put on the uniform and serve in the Reserve position. We are preparing for
yet another deployment and unfortunately I'm not at liberty to say where. .
.just that we'll be gone for some time on this one.

I still toy with art from time to time. . .I did go back to school and
graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in
Studio Art and Psychology. Actually Psychology is what I enjoy more and I
have the opportunity to use some of it in my position as a Child Advocate
for several local CASA Organizations. Strictly volunteer, but these children
need someone who can rescue them from deplorable home lives and even more
deplorable parents.

I'm rambling. . .and there has been so much that has filled those 47 years
and all in all they've been very good to me and I'm thankful. To my friends
and classmates. . .thank you for being a part of those 47 years of my

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Terry Harwood '65


This is a great site and decided I needed to let some of my classmates know that I'm still alive and kicking.  It's difficult to summarize 38 years but it's been different.  I entered the US Army in July 65 and after basic training and "field Medical Training"  I had my first tour in the Far East.  I ended up being educated by the military and spending the next twenty years all over the world.  Too many places to bore you with but spent nearly 14 of those twenty years outside the USA.  The Army sent me to Baylor University and Physician Assistant School in Texas
I retired from active duty in 1985 and have been in a private Internal Medicine Practice working in Cardiology in Georgia. I love the "Braves" but have a hard time pulling for them when "Philly" comes to town.  Atlanta is about two hours north of my present location and it's a really cool city.
Lynda (Pisker) and I married and had two great kids. They are both grown now and have children of their own.  Yes, I'm a Grandfather...damn, that makes me feel old but I've probably still got too much energy for my own good.  Lynda and I divorced and I re-married a Florida girl.  Hence, staying in the South. She's a great person and we do well together.  She is also in Medicine and a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia.  She's younger then me and I sure get teased about that.
I enjoy the outdoors....Backpacking the Appalachian trail and Kayaking the islands off Georgia and Florida.  I Love cars and just got a Ford Thunderbird that reminds me so much of my younger days. It's the time of my life when you should spoil yourself some.
I miss the times we had as a class and wish I'd gotten to know you all better. Anyone know where Bob Foreacre, Mike More and Billy Bove are.  Also Anne Marie Walker (My first girlfriend), Chris Weber, Margie Sunderland, and Margie Case are located.  If anyone knows where they are please forward my e-mail address to them.
I've rambled and need to get back to 2012.  I'd love to hear from you all.
Terry Harwood, Sr., PA-C
Tifton, Georgia

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Chuck Oliver '66

        A recent e-mail from Chuck includes the following info:

            "I left DTHS before graduation and joined the Marines, then served in Vietnam. I now live in Virginia, just outside of D.C., and own and operate OliverART Services, creating cutting edge digital art and web design. I'd like to hear from anyone from our Deptford days, and I hope to attend the reunion in October 2001."

            Check out Chuck's intriguing web art at     Other contact info:

  Charles (Chuck) Oliver, 3308 Woodburn Rd. #22, Annandale,  VA  22003  703-560-6936

Charles Oliver, President

OliverART Services

Cutting Edge Digital Art and Web Design



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Linda (Kuhn) Ferry '73

Hello Fellow Classmates

   I and my husband Bob have been living in West Michigan for 13 years.
   We moved out here because the cost of living out East was astronomical!  My husband has been
disabled since 1985 so we made a bold move to the state of his roots.  We took about 6 years to adjust,
but our children loved it immediately. We have three children, all grown now.  Chris, 27 married with three
children of his own; Jeanine 24, a human resource specialist; and Heather 21, a college student. 
   My husband was ordained in the ministry 6 years ago, and we planted a
church in rural west MI.  We started with 3 families and now have approx.  50 families attending.  I work at
Muskegon Community College where I work with remedial English students and English Second Language
students. Grand Rapids, MI is the nearest large city and FYI it is a great city
to both live and work in.  Many young professionals are moving here.  Cultural events are growing and
diversity, while still a problem, is slowly starting to take hold.  Email me at anytime for info on this area of
the country.
Lynda Ferry

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Paula S. Marx '74



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Maureen (Mc Michael) Coppola '78


I was married in 1986 to a wonderful man named Michele Coppola. We met in such a romantic way; he was translating for a friend of his (who was not English speaking), on how he wanted his hair cut. I was the barber at the time. Our relationship grew from there, and we were married within 6 months. Our marriage ended tragically 10yrs later, when i lost him in an accident. However, we did have one beautiful child. He is now 15 yrs old (as of 2007) and is the world to me. We named him Vincenzo, nothing Irish in that name, is there?

I worked for many years as a hairdresser/barber, but after I became a mom, I stopped working for a few yrs to raise my son. I went back to school, and now work as a medical asst. for a large hospital, in a private Drs. office. It's almost enough to make ends meet, but not quite.

I have been single for the last ten yrs. Somewhat happily I guess but still looking for love. I am wondering if there is a man out there for me. The only good thing about being single, is that I have raised my son without anyone else's opinion or judgments.  So, if he turns out ok I will take all the credit, if not I can take all the blame.

Now that he is nearing adulthood, I would like to have someone special in my life. I have a small house in Billingsport section of Paulsboro on a quiet street. We are managing to get by and things are good for us. I'd like to hear from anyone from the school, old friends or acquaintances if you'd like to. Getting together for old times sake would be fun.

Hope to see some of you soon~ Maureen







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Great Weather, Great Fun In Cape May!

















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Thanks for Supporting The DTHS Alumni Association!

    The Deptford High Alumni Association is pleased to announce the most recent "Lifetime Member" of the DTHS Alumni Association! You, too, can become a lifetime member and never have to pay dues again! Click here to find out how to become the next lifetime member (or annual member) and make the DTHS Alumni Association grow!

Our Most Recent New Lifetime Members!

(Joined 4/19/12)

Debbi Green '85

Rob Hoffman '89

Stacy Hoffman (Friend of DTHS)

(Joined 3/29/12)

Rachel (Alston) Green '87


   DTHS Alumni Association members are eligible for various special "members only" discounts and  events the Association conducts in addition to events open to all Alumni regardless of Association membership.  (All previous memberships---membership years 1999 to 2004---were extended from their original expiration date, but  expired 12/31/05)The Alumni Association coordinates and provides information, assistance and activities for Association members and all DTHS Alumni, and supports and encourages today's Deptford High students. Do something that will make you feel good and help preserve the legacy of Deptford High---join the Alumni Association and help it grow and prosper.   

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If you are a current  or "Lifetime" member of the DTHS Alumni Association, you are entitled to a discount and bonus at each Alumni Association Breakfast. E-mail the Alumni Association and leave the message "requesting coupon." All current and lifetime DTHS Alumni Association members will receive a discount coupon to present at the breakfast, along with a bonus ticket for the door prizes. (If you do not e-mail for the coupon, please bring your membership card to the Breakfast and show it to Bryant Heisinger '66 to receive your discount! You must pay the FULL Price at the cashier when you enter, then get your "refund" at the Alumni table.)

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In Memoriam


___________________________________Please submit "In Memorian" Information for DTHS Alumni to ____________________________________________________________



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Deptford Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies 

Deptford High Sports Hall of Fame Inducts Fourth Class !

  The Deptford Township High School Athletic Hall of Fame's recognizes Outstanding Spartan Athletes from years past at an Annual banquet at Auletto's Catering in Deptford each year.

     To nominate DTHS athletes, coaches or contributors for consideraton as future members of the DTHS Athletic Hall of Fame, please see the nomination info/form at the bottom of this page.  (Please disregard "due" date on form--submit when completed for earliest consideration)



Deptford High Sports Hall of Fame Inducts Third Class !

Some of the true "pioneers" of Deptford High's  storied athletic programs were honored with induction into the DTHS Athletic Hall of Fame on Monday evening, October 24, 2011.

   In addition to recognzing the trail-blazing 1961 football team (1961 marked the first graduating class at DTHS), the Hall inducted two legendary figures from the 1961 gridiron squad. Kenny Love (Class of '61), considered by many football fans as one of the top running backs in South Jersey football history, was posthumously honored along with the man who started the Deptford High football program and served as football coach for 10 seasons, Roy Pickens. Love also starred in baseball, while Pickens was a jack-of-all-sports coach in the formative years of DTHS in addition to his football duties .

     Another member of the 1961 football team, Richard Bundy (Class of '62) was also posthumously inducted for his three-sport excellence in football, wrestling and track. Bundy was the first, and one of only four DTHS wrestlers to ever advance to the NJSIAA wrestling state championship match, finishing second at 157 pounds in 1962.

     Representing Deptford's cross-country and track juggernauts of the 1960s were inductees Gene Harley (Class of '64) and Leon Collins (Class of '68). Harley was one of South Jersey's premier cross-country runners, and his success attracted many DTHS students to the sports of track and cross-country and laid the foundation for the many championship teams of the '60s and '70s at DTHS. Collins was a record-smashing sprinter who dominated South Jersey sprinters in the 100 and 220 in his senior year, and he capped off his career by becoming the first DTHS athlete to win a NJSIAA State Track Championship with a 220 dash win in 1968.

     The ladies' sports programs at Deptford was represented by basketball "all-everything"  standout LaSheena ("Hootie") Martin (Class of 2000), who surpassed the 1,000-point barrier and held DTHS scoring records for more than 10 years. Martin was a scholarship player and standout performer for NCAA Division I Monmouth for four years after her DTHS playing days.     

     Also recognized for "Contributions" to Deptford High were Charles Taylor and the Taylor Family. Before Deptford built its football field on school property, the Taylors donated several acres of their farm, constructed a football field, and allowed DTHS to use it as their football field. "Taylor Field" is still in use today as the homefield of the Deptford Midget Football teams, providing future Spartans with an introduction to football.

      Kudos are deserved by the DTHS Hall of Fame Committee for planning a great evening of reminiscing for those in attendance. Sonny Anderson '73, John Nestore '76, Vince Nestore '81, Debbi Green '85, Kirk Kersey '62, Gene Harley '64, and DTHS Athletic Director Maureen Bilda made the great evening possible, and former DTHS teacher/coach Fred Swartz did a marvelous job of serving as emcee of the ceremonies!

      Nominations of DTHS althetes/coaches/contributors for future induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame are being sought by the committee. For a nomination form/information, click here. 


 High Sports Hall of Fame Inducts Second Class !

     The second round of inductees into the Deptford High Athletic Hall of Fame were in the spotlight on Monday evening, October 25, 2010 at Auletto's Catering in Deptford.

      Inducted in the "Athlete" category were Daniel Greene, Class of 1979  (posthumously); Ken Manahan, Class of 1976; Mike Conaway, Class of 1969; Bryant Heisinger, Class of 1966; and the DTHS 1978 State Championship Football team. 

       Deptford High football coaching legend Joe Corbi (posthumously), and the man who started the soccer program and guided the team for many years, John Culp, were recognized in the coaching category.

      Receiving acknowledgement as a "Contributor" to Deptford High athletics was Al Cunard, who served as president of the school board during the early years of Deptford High and was an untiring booster of all Deptford High athletic programs for nearly 50 years. Mr. Cunard was honored posthumously.

       The athletes selected for the 2010 induction ceremony represent the two most successful athletic programs in Deptford High sports history---track and football. Quarterback Greene was the leader of the 1978 championship football team coached by Joe Corbi, while Conaway was a defensive standout on the 1968 team coached by the legendary Roy Pickens. 

       Heisinger and Manahan were "bookends" for the record-breaking 112 meet win streak the track team racked up from 1965 to 1976. Heisinger was a record-setting sprinter and jumper for the first undefeated Deptford team in 1966, while Manahan set records and dominated the discus event in New Jersey for coach Jim Hawkins' 10th consecutive and last undefeated team. 

     If you haven't yet attended a Hall of Fame banquet, make certain you are there for the next event!  Deptford high AD Maureen Bilda and the Deptford High Athletic Hall of Fame Committee expend a great deal of time and effort to make the Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies a first-rate event, and it is a great night of reminiscing with fellow Spartans of all eras.

      Tickets for the each banquet are available by contacting AD Maureen Bilda at 856-232-2713 Ext. 2581, by e-mailing , OR BY MAILING THE FORM BELOW.   A form is also available (by scrolling down or here) to support the Hall of Fame as a patron, or by sponsoring an ad in the program booklet (disregard year--form applies to all years). 

       If you would like to nominate a Deptford High athlete, coach or contributor for future classes the Hall of Fame, a nomination form is here ! The committee is actively seeking nominations of outstanding Sparrtan athletes in all sports, with supporting information, for future Hall of Fame classes.  



Right "click" on form below and select "Print Picture" to Print Form.


                               PATRON AD FORM (Below)

Right "click" on form and select "Print Picture" to Print Form. Send to Address on letterhead


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