Recognize Any Of  The Faces in The Photos Below From the Distant and Not-So-Distant Past?

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Class of '62 Photos Below from the Millennium Reunion!

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   Carol Pisker Gelardo, Delores Besogni Howe and 

Julia Thomas Enjoy a Class of '62 Memory!


  BBurlyne Sears McCarrin '62 and Dan McCarrin

 Leslie Hersh '61 and Linda Turi Cromley '62 Enjoy The Millennium Event!
Kirk Kersey '62, Dave Howley '62 and Sandra Howley 

Are All Smiles!

Andy Criss '62, Harriett Burr Criss '61, and 

Paul Sigal '62 Remember the Days of Black and Gold!

Bob Exley '62 and Norma Maculewicz Muhlbaier '62 Can't Believe Graduation Day was 38!!! Years Ago!


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